Foldable prefab cabin offers endless possibilities

Latvian startup Brette Haus has created an incredibly versatile tiny cabin that can unfold and be installed within only three hours. These foldable prefab cabins are inspired by Scandinavian style and come in three models: Compact, Rustic and Urban. The models range from 22 to 47 square meters and each comes with a kitchen, living-room, bathroom and bedroom.

Perfect for businesses that need to set up and move facilities quickly, these tiny cabins can also be used for events or to house seasonal workers. They would work great as an option for glamping or as pop-up stores as well. The separate units can even be attached to one another to create a larger structure thanks to the hinging mechanisms.

When it comes to the versatile design, the secret is in the hinges. According to the company, the unique hinge system allows the cabin to fold up and reinstall up to 100 times. There’s also no need for a permanent foundation, because the building can be placed on any leveled base (though it suggests incorporating a screw pile foundation, which is removable and relocatable right along with the cabin). The installation process takes two people about three hours (all you need is a crane truck to move it). Plus, if buyers want to set up in a spot without electricity or water hook-ups, solar battery kits or water pumping stations are easy additions.

For materials, the company chose durable cross-laminated timber and natural, recyclable materials. These wooden panels are manufactured with precise measurements for low construction waste and are made of renewable wood from sustainably managed forests. The CLT panels also offer natural ventilation and efficient temperature balance.

Inside, the homes offer a blank slate for buyers to add their personal touches. Thanks to the simple design, the company is able to keep construction costs down with prices starting at just $23,000.


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